Sunday, March 17, 2013

...But It's All Good (Webseries Review: It Could Be Worse)

I know there are a zillion webseries out there, but I have never really followed any. I sometimes can be very impatient, and more often than not, my attention goes somewhere else when I am on the computer. But I recently started watching "It Could Be Worse" and it's so good that it has me hooked. (The website is ) What initially lured me to watch it was Wesley Taylor. I think he is very cute, and saw him in the original casts of 'Rock Of Ages," and 'The Addams Family' on Broadway.  Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of both shows, I thought Tayor was a stand-out in each, and of course, it doesn't really hurt that he is cute. He is part of my beloved "Smash," of course, and steals scenes whenever he is on. So, here he is, aptly cast as a young actor in New York City. He plays Jacob Gordon and the series chronicles his trials and tribulations as a working actor in the city. He has a needy boyfriend, a mother who is having a cougar crisis, and a father who is staying with him temporarily because of that.The writing is spot-on, and the series is beautifully shot. And the casting is tops: Mitchell Jarvis (who co-created the series with Taylor) is funny as his drugged agent, and Nancy Opel is wonderfully funny as his mother. It's a minefield for spotting huge Broadway stars in cameo roles. I spotted Audra McDonald (hilarious as his therapist) , Kyle Dean Massey, Laura Osnes, among others.  I eagerly await every new episode which comes out Fridays. 

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