Saturday, March 31, 2012

Into The Woods, Straight To The Heart

"Every Time I Think Of You" is a sweet and tender love story, but the thing that struck me most about it is the fact that it sounds and reads like a love story written by a gay man, one who understands gay man's mind.  Things don't get sentimentalized for the sake of cheap sentiment, and there's an underlying dignity above it all. Jim Provenzano created two characters so likeable you fall in love with them from the first page - or in my case since I read from a Kindle, the first click - and as they grow and fall in love with each other, you love them more.   A freak accident happens, and you are asked if their love will survive. I think the book takes imaginative twists and turns, and even if you get close to losing hope, you never do. One can sense that the author loves the outdoors as it is described so beautifully and vividly, and is almost a major character in the book. (It opens and closes the story)  I was up until one in the morning finishing the book, a clear indication how much I was taken by it. My only quibble: even if the book was set in the ate 70s, some of the dialogue sounds too modern (did people say 'dude' then?) It doesn't distract overall, though. 


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