Friday, November 28, 2014

Randy Andy (Book Review: The Andy Cohen DIaries, Andy Cohen)

"The Andy Cohen Diaries," Andy Cohen writes, was inspired by Andy Warhol's diaries, a book that Mr. Cohen treasured and carried with him when it first came out. I think Mr. Cohen himself will not say that his stature is as great as Mr. Warhol's, and this whole book is written with s a little bit of tongue-in-cheek irony. Mr. Warhol dealt with real artists and superstars, and well, Mr. Cohen deals with "real housewives." Still, this book is a juicy read, if you know and mildly care about the people he hangs out with, like Kelly Ripa or Anderson Cooper. Mr. Cohen has a more interesting day to day life than I do, but I wish it had a little more depth. I wish he dealt more with some of his executive decisions at Bravo, for example, instead of his incessant drinking at parties. But perhaps that is what his audience is expecting from this book.

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