Friday, August 2, 2013

In Capri (Perfume Review: Carthusia Ligea)

The Carthusia line will always remind me of The Isle Of Capri. Just like the island, it has a quiet elegance, and their fragrances have an understated elegance. I liken it to Diptyque, but more "Italian," I guess. But I do wonder why I rarely reach for my Carthusias. Is it because perhaps they are just a touch staid, or boring? I made an effort to wear Ligea this morning, as I remember it being a summer-y scent. It's kind of, but not really. I mean, the citrus top notes work - the limoncello, the mandarin orange, the orange blossom. But it's also quite powdery, and I get vanilla, too. Perhaps that's why a lot of people compare it to Shalimar, though Ligea is certainly lighter, and without the trappings of a vintage perfume. Though I admire and respect Shalimar as a perfume, I am one of those people who just cannot wear it: it's just too musty on me, and I feel like an old cabinet when I do. Here I am, about five hours into wearing Ligea, and it is lingering, and it is soapy. The sillage is good, but not tenacious. The longevity is robust but not overpowering.  imagine myself on a Capri balcony, overlooking the water after I have just showered with expensive soap. If I close my eyes, I can feel the air, the salty breeze. I can even taste the gelato I am eating. This perfumr treansforms me to Capri. That's a great thing.

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