Friday, August 9, 2013

Red Is The Color Of My Smell (Perfume Review: Polo Red)

I haven't worn any perfume by Ralph Lauren in a long time, although when I was in High School two of my favorites were the maroon Lauren, and of course the green Polo Sport. As a matter of fact, I wore the latter to death during my younger years,  and I really should revisit it now to see if the formulation is the same as I remember it. I have steer cleared of all the recent Polo scents, because maybe I associate them with the 80s and 90s aquatic scents. I think I had a Polo Sport something or other that I used to use after the gym. Actually, I do remember liking a recent one, I think it was Polo Black, because it had mango as a primary note. But, I never owned a bottle of it so I must have not liked it that much. So I was just trying Polo Red because, to be honest, I am always on the lookout for red-related scents to use on Mondays (A Feng Shui guy once told me I should use red juice or red bottled scents on Mondays to give me good luck)  Polo Red is interesting: it opens with a grapefruit and cranberry burst, which is unique enough. The grapefruit is a sweet one, sort of a cross between Jo Malone and Terre De Hermes. It's not unlikeable, but it is edged out by amberry notes that normalize it to make it palatable for non-perfumistas, I would guess. While it ventures into your ubiquitous ambery vanilla-base, a surprising note surfaces. Yes, it has a somewhat interesting coffee note in the base that gives it a bit of warmth. While this isn't a must-have scent for me, I would like to own it for a Monday scent, so if I see it cheap - a tester or at a duty free, I would get it.  But right now there' no rush.

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