Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Buyer's Market (Love For Sale, Episode 2, BBC4, United Kingdom)

The first episode of "Love For Sale" dealt with the people selling sex, and now in the second and final episode, Rupert Everett now explores the buyers. He starts with the kink, of course, first filming a man who frequents a dominatrix (some of the scenes are too graphic, even for me, though in a non-titillating way)  He then interviews the man, masked in leather, and he reinforces he is just a normal guy looking for his kind of release. He moves on to a rich business man who has spent L150,000 on Chinese massage girls in two year's time. I found it a little boring that Everett focused more on straight men buying female prostitute. I think a little variety would have been more interesting: a gay man buying sex, for example, or how about a woman purchasing a male prostitute because she is not getting sexual satisfaction from her partner? He ends with an interview with the comedian Russell Brand, who talks about his experience with sex workers. Interesting factoid: his first sex was with an "exotic Filipina" who he fell in love with. In the end, Everett arrives on a conclusion that the men he interviewed were more looking for physical release, and those really have no relation to the emotional states. News Flash -- everyone knows that.

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