Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lowe's Life (Book Review: Rob Lowe, Love Life)

I read Rob Lowe's first memoir, and while I was mildly entertained, I don't remember much about it. I remember thinking it was not a dishy book. So I shouldn't have been surprised that his new book "Love Life" would be similar in tone and content. A lot of the book focuses on his experiences as a father. There is a chapter in the book that is excerpted everywhere where he ruminates about his son going to college. It's the best chapter in the book: poignant and well-written. The rest, while as well-done, just doesn't appeal to me - endless sports references, child-raising tips, marriage stuff. I am sure it appeals to a lot of people, just not for jaded old me. With the title being "Love Life," I thought he would focus more on his past loves - and that would have been a juicy tome - but he is too much of a gentleman for that book, which makes the book just too bland for my taste.

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