Friday, October 11, 2013

No Glee In Glee (Glee, The Quarterback)

I just can't quit GLEE. Even though at times I think I have "outgrown" it, I find myself coming back. Last season's episodes sat on my DVR until I binge-watched it, and I actually found myself liking the final episodes. This season's first two episodes focused on Beatles songs, and I finally saw them last night, and found them really well-done, especially the first one. Case in point, I found myself crying at Blane's proposal scene for Kurt, set to "All You Need Is Love." I am one of those people who like Beatles songs when they are re-interpreted by other singers, (yes, I am an anomaly) so the episodes were pitch-perfect for me. And of course, I just had to watch, in real time, last night's episode, "The Quarterback: Farewell to Finn." Of course, I was balling by the first number, two minutes into the episode. Even though I am not the biggest "Rent" fan in the world, I think it gave us a solid song in "Seasons Of Love" (just about the only song in the score I could stomach) and that song was used perfectly in this episode. I needed two Kleenex by the time they showed his picture at the end of the song. As the characters reminisced about Finn, I felt their pain, since I have been a faithful watcher of the show since its very first season. When Rachel finally showed up, I was a hot crying mess. And I have had Lea Michele's version of the Bob Dylan's song "Make You Feel My Love" on constant rotation since yesterday. Even though the critic in me thinks there are not-so-honest moments in her interpretation, when I saw her singing the song on-screen, I felt every word essayed her pain. I knew the tears she were shedding were real. 

As the series moves forward, my curiosity is piqued: Rachel gets the Fanny Brice role, which really makes it very interesting for me. I wonder what will happen to the rest of the characters. I think Blane and Kurt are too young to get married, so I wonder if they will tie the knot. I guess we will know after the hiatus.

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