Wednesday, June 13, 2012

When Fruity Florals Were Fun (Scent Review: Grain de Folie by Gres)

Before fruity florals became the rage there was Gres Grain de Folie, which literally translates to "seeds of madness." This perfume was created in 1999, so I am guessing at the time that it was revolutionary. I remember it was 'love at first sniff' for me - I remember feeling at the time it smelled so modern, so sweet, so wholesome. I don't even know how I found out about it, I think it was recommended to me by my guy at my favorite store at the Perfume District (back when it was the place to go) Anyways, I got a new bottle (cheap) last year and I wore it a lot last summer, though not as exclusively as before (I guess I am not as monogamous as I used to be !) and I am wearing it today and am still in love with it. I think this will be one of those scents I will wear for the rest of my life. I don't even think there is a big change in it, perhaps it has not been reformulated? The one thing I noticed today? The rhubarb note. I love it, and got reacquainted by it recently from the new Aedes De Venustes parfum. Although the latter is a better scent - richer and more sophisticated - Grain de Folie gives a lighter, more accessible hit. There is kumquat here, too, and there is jasmine and peony on the floral side. It is a fruity floral that isn't clingy sweet, and it smells like something from a niche line. Sometimes I get perfume fatigue and there are days I reach out for old reliables - this is one of those.  

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