Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's A Kind Of Hush (Book Review: The Cranberry Hush by Ben Monopoli)

Sometimes a book hits very close to home. Or in my case, an old home. This novel was like revisiting an old shoe, an old shirt - everything feels familiar, but I know I have moved on from it. But, it doesn't make the feeling less heartbreaking. "The Cranberry Hush," by Ben Monopoli is the story of Vince and Griff. He is bi-sexual, and he is straight, and they meet when they were in college. They have graduated now, and they are at that stage wherein they are still discovering themselves - and life - after college. In a lot of ways, they still cannot untangle themselves from being young and carefree and have to accept themselves as adults. Told from Vince's point of view, we see the story unfold when Griff shows up at his door unexpectedly after a winter storm, and the days after. This is a story of love, make no mistake, and of two people coming to terms with that love, and realizing that they are lucky to have found someone in their lives who have given the most they can give for each other. I myself have realized this. I have found myself in exactly the same dilemma as Vince's, until I accepted the fact that as far as unrequited loves are concerned, one should just be happy to accept the fact that the other person has given you love the most they can give you, and that in itself is a true blessing. I bought this book from Amazon more than a year ago (May 11, 2011) and it just languished in my TBR pile until I started it a day ago. Everything happens for a reason, so they say and perhaps this book was brought by the Universe for me to finish today, as I was starting to go through a little bit of depression to, to put a melancholy smile on my face. 


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