Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Bigger And Hotter In Texas (Television Review: Dallas/TNT)

I wasn't a big "Dallas' fan back in the day. I was a big into Knots Landing and Falcon Crest, and was only mildly fanatic about the big Ds - Dynasty and Dallas. But, I was still excited about the new Dallas series on TNT which started Thursday. This show is not a reboot, but kind of a "where are they now" sequel. And they are still there, and Southfork is still standing. (I did read that the original house used had burned down, though) JR, Bobby are still there, and Sue Ellen, too. Linda Gray looks great - either she has a great plastic surgeon or a painting in her closet. And add to the mix John Ross and Christopher, played by Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalf. They are this generation's JR & Bobby -  one is altruistic, the other devious. It's a great dichotomy from their fathers, and brings the series for this generation. There are love entanglements too, but of course, between the brothers, though I am kind of scared for Jordana Brewster - she looks anorexic, almost sickly. and did I say that Linda Gray still looks stunning? There's enough backstabbing in the first two episodes that it's fun, engaging and already addicting. There's enough spice in here, and it is wonderfully filmed. Some thoughts, though: there seems to be an thick eyebrow epidemic in Dallas these days: Larry Hagman's is out of control and Metcalf's is also weirdly proportioned. And I also gotta laugh at the poster above: it's Photoshopped to death that I don't think there is an accurate body/face combo there. This show is just going to get hotter, and I will be there. 

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