Sunday, June 8, 2014

In Ourselves (Movie Review: The Fault In Our Stars)

I can put on my"critic cap" and find a lot of faults withe the movie version of "The Fault In Our Stars." I can perhaps say, that the movie is a lightweight love story that is basically grief porn. I could take issues with its length: a third of it can be judiciously cut and it would be a tighter film without diminishing what it accomplishes. I can throw disdain at all its rabid following - I mean, I liked the book well and fine, but when it got too popular, I kind of wanted to keep a distance from all of it. But really, now. Who am I kidding? I truly loved every minute of the movie. I loved seeing these characters vividly alive on screen, and I celebrated each tear that fell from my eye. The best thing about it is that it has been perfectly cast: Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort fit the characters to a T: it is as if they jumped out from the book the way I envisioned them. Or maybe because they are such skilled actors: Woodley gives a simple, dignified performance so natural and effortless that I don't know if I could ever take Hazel away from her ever again (It's kind of like I will always think Julie Andrews as Maria Von Trap even if she is playing Victor/Victoria)  I thought Woodley was already great (especially in "The Spectacular Now") but here she exudes blinding star wattage to match her effervescence. Elgort is heartbreaking: so charming and handsome that when their characters started wooing each other, I almost wanted to not root for them because you know that, well, things won't end well. But for me, the message of the movie is exactly that. the film celebrates a love that is so big, so magical, so great that it really doesn't matter if it got cut short. Few people experience a love this grand that one should just be lucky to have it in their lifetime. "The Fault In Our Stars" surely will touch a lot of hearts (One may say that it is so manipulative that it makes sure of that) but it will also make you think about love, life, mortality, fate.  I doubt if I will ever forget it.

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