Sunday, June 22, 2014

Handler, On Travels (Book Review: Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chelsea Handler)

I recently got tickets to Chelsea Handler's comedy tour, which she was doing to promote her new book, Uganda Be Kidding Me. I soured on her because she made the crowd wait an hour and twenty minutes before coming on (who does she think she is, Madonna?)  and I actually left early and didn't finish the show. So I was curious to find if the book is as irritating as her act. Well, it is. The book is mostly structured on her recent travels. Half of it is from her South African Safari trip. Interesting enough topic, but clearly this book is only about Chelsea, and Chelsea, and most importantly, Chelsea. It would make sense, because her fans would only want to read about Chelsea. I wish the boo had just a little depth, but that may have been really asking for much. I found myself cringing throughout the rest of the book, which mostly tells about unfunny escaped everywhere else: the Caribbean, Switzerland, Wyoming. This is strictly for her fans. Just like her live show, it barely made me crack a smile.

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