Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Giggly Gigolo (Book Review: Memoirs Of A Gigolo Vol 1, Livia Ellis)

Another day, another Amazon freebie. Whenever I see a book that can even be remotely interesting, I grab it even though I literally have thousands of e-books to choose from. But this one had a titillating title: Memoirs Of A Gigolo (Volume 1) by someone named Livia Ellis (nice phallic name there, buddy) I start reading this, expecting a somewhat thoughtful story, but it's pretty shallow. A man of royal descent is wanting for money and gets recruited to be a male prostitute. He goes through someone named The Matchmaker, but the woman is really just your run-of-the-mill pimp. This "memoir" is really just a day in the life of this gigolo. More particularly, it is the day that he decides to enter that service industry. It is Volume 1, I keep on forgetting and the Amazon freebie is of course designed to pique your interest so you purchase the succeeding volumes. There's three sex scenes here, but to me they seem very antiseptic. The narrative is not bad, but there's just not much there. 


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