Wednesday, March 20, 2013

All We Needed After All Was Irene Dunne (TelevisioN Review: S02E07 Musical Chairs)

You know how I can prove that Megan Hilty is fantastic? She can be in a scene just laughing and she would be stealing scenes. Take for example in last night's SMASH episode, "Musical Chairs," while Sean Hayes (he sedeserves a guest spot Emmy for his performance here, I think) was performing "Ce N'est Pas Ma Faute," even thought he scene is really not about her, she still sparkles. That's what you call a STAR. But back to the scene, what a great musical scene that was. You see, these scenes are what I miss about this season's episodes. They have become few and far between, taking a back seat to more confusing plot lines, and bland pop-rock scenes from "Hit List." And can I just say that I don't particularly like these songs from "Hit List"? Generic pop-rock songs do not a show make. But then again, I may be the only person in the world who does not like "Rent." Having dead-eyes McPhee sing the songs doesn't help. Every week her inability to act keeps on getting more and more evident, and even her ombre hair color couldn't help her last night. I think I am just *done* with her. And even though Ivy finally got the role of Marilyn last night, it kind of felt anti-climactic. That journey of "Bombshell" has just gone too long and laborious now that I almost don't care anymore. (Well, I am sure Bernadette Peters as Marilyn's mom would reignite my interest, but still...) All it needed all this time was Irene Dunne. When Ivy was talking to Tom about Irene Dunne, that's when Dead Eyed McPhee realized that she would really make a better Marilyn, something ALL OF US knew all along. Glad to have you finally on board, Dead Eyed McPhee.

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