Sunday, March 10, 2013

She Calls Her Sugar Brandi (Book Review: Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders, Brandi Glanville)

Not so guilty confession: I am a Housewives franchise fan. I watch almost all of them, with the Orange County one being the exception (I just never got into it) This season's Beverly Hills drama is quite engrossing, and I look forward to the Monday night episodes with great enthusiasm. So you actually think I would not read Brandi Glanville's book "Drinking & Tweeting and other Brandi Blunders"? I honestly didn't expect much from it, as I have suffered through a lot of these fluff pieces. But this one is pretty good, I must say. Glanville knows how to deliver the one thing her demographic craves for: the dirt, the gossip, the unexpurgated graphic notes. It's a pretty slim book, but there are definitely no fillers. It's pretty focused: 90% of the book is about the one thing she is (in)famous for: her breakup from the actor Eddie Cibrian. She goes in painstaking detail about how it happened, how she felt when it happened, and how she dealt with it after it happened. Even though it is a sob story by definition, you never feel sorry for her - as this is a tough as nails lady who knows what she wants. She is also pretty upfront about her mistakes, mincing no words about her vagina restoration surgery or her DUI citation. If you are watching her on RHOBH, the you would pretty much know what to expect from her book. I personally would have liked some background about her: her years in Europe as a model, for example. She mentions that she has a twenty year old picture with Cindy Crawford, and it might have been fun to read how they initially met. But maybe this book isn't about or for that. I am sure she is saving those for another release. She ain't no dummy.


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