Monday, March 25, 2013

Falling In Love With Love (Perfume Review, Love Etc, The Body Shop)

I will be honest.  I would never have paid any attention to Love Etc... by The Body Shop had I not known that it was created by Dominique Ropion. Mr. Ropion is one of my favorite noses, as he created quite a few of my favorites, including Portrait Of A Lady, Alien, and Burberry The Beat (that's a pretty good range, scent wise) I was kind of surprised that he made one for The Body Shop, but then Alexander McQueen did a collection for Target, so what's to be surprised about. I have to say that during the 90s, I used to wear the perfume oils from The Body Shop. I remember wearing their vanilla oil, and later on the dewberry one. I really should pay more attention to their scents, as they are made much better than Bath & Body Works, for example , though for the record, I like both "houses." But back to Love Etc, last week The Body Shop had a clearance sale and they were selling the Love Etc... EDP for seven dollars, so I bit the bullet and got one. As a perfume, it is very well-done. It is not the most imaginative thing in the world: a pear based fruity floral. It opens with a burst of pear and sweet jasmine. What makes it a little unique, though is that Mr. Ropion inserts some unexpected notes in there as it blossoms to its heart: heliotrope gives a nut vibe, and the sandalwood base has a cold creme musk. To my nose, it is still quite ordinary and yes, boring, but it is definitely better done than, say, Jimmy Choo EDP which I believe is also pear based (that one has that annoying fruitchouli base)  I wore this today, as I thought it would be a warm day. But I realized it was much colder, and the perfume kept close to my skin and didn't "blossom" as I wanted it to be. On my shirt, though, it smelled a lot more complicated with the jasmine taking a little more center stage as it did on my skin. I don't dislike this at all, to be truthful. But for seven dollars, this is a cheap slice of heaven. (I wonder, though, if it is being discontinued, as it is in the clearance section)

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