Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fringe In Love (Television Review: Smash S02 E06 , The Fringe)

I normally would not highlight Dead-Eyes McPhee, but I found the scene above, from "hit List" very appealing. I even found the song as appealing, a duet titled "Heart Shaped Wreckage." But it was still DEM (dead Eyed McPhee) so i can't really get too excited over it. And Jeremy Jordan's charms are running out. The writers have gone out of their way to make his character so unlikeable that it kind of makes sense to me to pair him off with DEM. "Hit List" is on The Winter Fringe Festival, and Karen wants to star in it, but boo hoo, she is contractually obligated to "Bombshell." So she is sulking - and this is a perfect example of why I feel her character is so seemingly-entitled. Just because she can't get everything she wants, we have to feel sorry for her? And of course, "Hit List" gets good notices at the Fringe Festival, and no so subtly, Jesse L Martin plays a producer who wants to take the show to Broadway. Of course, Mr, Martin was on Rent, just so we don't get that point hammered.

On the "Bombshell" front, new producer Jerry wants to cut "Never Give Up The Heart" because it's "just another ballad," although it is the heart of the show, as Tom and Julia pointed out. They try to uptempo the song, but even though they all liked the re-arrangement, I thought it was a disservice to the song. It's one of my favorite songs from the cast recording. Derek disagrees with them, and losing control, quits the show. 

Over the Liaisons front, Ivy got to sing a song from the show, and as usual, she is fantastic, So now my vote is for her to do both Bombshell and Liaisons, and while we are at it, why don't we also giver "Mame," and "Hello Dolly," and everything else on Broadway. She is frustrated, though, because once Terry sees the thunderous reaction to her number, he wants the number cut. He reneges at the end after a cast meeting wherein everyone points out to him that the show sucks as is, and they need to change things .... this before the show goes to tech.

Even though the plots moved forward, I don't know but I felt the episode felt a Or am I just losing interest?

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