Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Who Put Powder On My Tuberose? (Perfume Review: Miller Harris Noix De Tubereuse)

I know there are a lot of people who are scared of tuberose, and I must admit it's a learned appreciation. I think the big culprit is Fracas, which in my opinion is the ultimate tuberose. It's big, it's in your face, and most times, it's also intimidating and scary. It took me a while to love it, and now I cannot get enough of it. But there's also Miller Harris' Noix De Tubereuse, which makes tuberose pretty, and very accessible. I have not worn this in a while, and on a lark, chose this today. The weather was going to be gorgeous, and I wanted to see the scent bloom. Noix de Tubereuse starts with a creamy tuberose, but the flower here is very soft. Dare I say it, but this is very "old-fashioned." The violet leaf edges out whatever headiness there is in the flower, and it gives impressions of "clouds" rather than "sun." The best description I can give here is that this scent does for tuberose what YSL Rive Gauche does for the rose. The perfume is like a framed painting - the colors are equally blended - there are the oranges of amber, the yellows of mimosa, the browns of orris. The longevity was perfect - there were times when I thought it was already gone and then I would catch myself shaking my head and getting a waft of its soft floral powder. A lot of people get 'nutty' but not for me - it's, again, the soapy powder that stays throughout. I wonder how it would behave on a hot summer day? Miller Harris is a house that sometimes confuses me - there are offering in their line I just don't agree with, though I would never discount the quality of their line. This was my very first encounter with him, and to this day, still my favorite.

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