Saturday, December 15, 2012

Naked And Sacred (Scent Review: Madonna Truth Or Dare Naked)

While I was at the mall today, I decided to try the Madonna Truth Or Dare flanker called "Truth or Dare Naked."  I was expecting to like it, and as a matter of fact was ready to buy it. I loved the gardenia-tuberose-caramel accord of her original one, and was raring to own this. When I initially sprayed it on, it smelled almost nothing - I only got vanilla, musk, and a lot of benzoin. I was, frankly, underwhelmed and ended up not getting it. Fine, I told myself, better to have save money than have lost. I went along with my Christmas shopping, and went home. Now, about two hours later, the scent is still on my skin, and it has blossomed. The base is quite lovely: a vanilla musk with cocoa, a little hint of peach note, and ...oud.  Yes, the ever-trendy oud. Iyt's not the medicinal sappy kind of oud, though, as this is more the equivalent of white musk to musk. So, it kind of smells like white oud, I guess. I can't stop sniffing my wrist now - the coco gives it an exotic feel, which is quite balanced with the earlier vanilla and benzoin mix. It is kind of like Prada Candy if you replaced the caramel with coco. For a celebuscent, it is quite different, and miles miles better than that horrid Lady Gaga scent. Now I kind of regret not getting it, as I think this would be a great winter comfort scent. 

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