Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Scent Of Music (Scent Review: Vocalise, MPG)

Do you ever describe a city by music? I was in Vienna over the summer and if I were to ask how to describe the city, I would answer "Classical Music." I know, it's weird, akin to dancing about architecture. If someone was to ask me how to describe Maitre Parfumeur Gantier's "Vocalise," I would also answer "Classical Music." I will try to explain - this scent starts with berries and fruits: blackberries and red berries. And then the vanilla and musk comes in, and it's that trademark Gantier musk - slightly salty and slightly sweaty musk. Then floral hints take center stage: I get rose, and ylang ylang. It's a great mix: the dark sweetness is certainly fruity, but you don't smell like a fruit basket. It's classy, and it soars, but it's never overwhelming. Truthfully, I wish the longevity was tougher. (MPG has released a Vocalise Extreme, but I read that they add jasmine in the mix ) This scent is very pretty, very refined, it's like Bel Canto, very full but fragile.

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