Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Dreams Can Come True (Book Review: All She Wants For Christmas, Jaci Burton)

I saw the Rockefeller Christmas tree the other day, and it was gloriously lit, and there was palpable Holiday energy around it, and it made me think and wonder what Christmas does to people. For many people, it's a great time, but it also heightens loneliness for some people. The main character in Jaci Burton's "All She Wants For Christmas" is  country superstar Riley Jensen, but she has really lonely Christmasses. All the fame and money in the world cannot give you what is most important: family, companionship, love. Until she goes back to her hometown and she meets her high school sweetheart again - the one she left ten years ago because she caught him sleeping with her best friend. This is a simple story, but it is told with elegance. Nothing here will surprise you, but you still go along with the story. This is a kind of novel that will make you think afterwards about your own blessings, and will make you realize what makes one happy during Christmas. 


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