Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Perks Of A Wallflower (Book Review: Wallflower In Bloom, Claire Cook)

"Wallflower in Bloom," by Claire Cook was a pretty fun read. I have read a couple of her novels, and sometimes they can be a little too cutesy for me, but this one, while still overloaded with cuteness, didn;t feel overbearing. I liked the main character, Deirdre, a sister who has spent her adult life working for her much popular brother, so she has described herself as the wallflower in the ball. She inadvertently puts herself in the ring for a spot in Dancing With The Stars, and makes something for herself. This was a good quick read, and I found myself zipping through the book and never getting bored. I liked the fact that it didn't seem too chick-litty. It was more an interesting story than a story of a woman looking for love. And I like the fact that she is middle aged, and persevering (It kind of gave me hope for myself) Recommended. 


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