Sunday, December 23, 2012

Miss Happy Ever After (Book Review: Elyse Douglas)

Slowly and surely the Christmas spirit is coming to me.  Maybe that is why I have been less cynical today, while reading Elyse Douglas "Christmas Ever After." This was yet another one of those Holiday tales wherein you are shown what you will become if you don't change, and sometimes I did roll my eyes while reading it, but I am being generous this time and say that somehow it got to me. Why should I not be happy about a sorry that may inspire good in everyone. Here I am, on the eve of Christmas Eve, and I will just be thankful for m own blessings, and reading "Chrismas Ever After" is one of them. 

Plus, this is my 100th book this year, and I have officially made my goal. When I set it out early this year, I was honestly unsure if I would be able to achieve it, but here I am, triumphant. 

God Bless Us All

BC- 100

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