Saturday, May 10, 2014

Isn't It Bromantic? (Movie Review: Date And Switch)

It would be easy to hate on "Date And Switch." As a film, it's pretty clunky, and as a comedy, it really isn't laugh-out-loud funny. But if you look hard enough, it has a big old gay heart. Director Chris Nelson should have focused more on the heart of it: a story about friendship. It poses a very interesting question, one that I am sure has touched a lot of people. What if you found out that you best friend, one you have known since childhood, was gay? Would you treat this person differently? Would you be shocked? In this day and age, this may be a non-issue. (I mean, the first openly gay football player has just been drafter)  On one hand, the film is successful in showing that any ordinary gay can be gay, but it also shows gay life in stereotypes. But maybe being politically correct isn't the tone of this film, as it is meant to be one of those raucous teen flicks, along the lines of American Pie. The acting mostly rises above the material, especially the two leads, Nicholas Braun and Hunter Cope. I think all in all this film shows progress. Even though the issue of sexual orientation is made a big deal, you can see that in today's youth, it's basically a non-issue.

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