Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pink Pffft (Perfume Review: Jo Malone Silk Blossom)

Oh, I was so ready to love Jo Malone's new limited edition release, Silk Blossom.  I mean, look at that beautiful tasseled bottle. And they even have it available in the perfumista-friendly 1 ounce bottle. So I sampled it with great enthusiasm and electric excitement, and then...pffft. I was just so ....underwhelmed. By no means it is a bad fragrance. It's a fruity floral that's pleasant. But it;s also safe, boring, and quite ordinary. The notes say it has apricot and jasmine, but I do not detect that. I do get some "pink" florals - peony maybe, and the ever-present pink pepper. The notes could have been culled from any generic department store fragrance out there. The dry down is some light musky floral - nice, but you have smelled it a million times before and I bet you wouldn't be able to distinguish this from a blind nose test. What else is there to say? For Jo Malone price points, you would expect something better, something more unique, something that lasts a more remarkable impression. As much as the bottle would look do great in my collection, I can think of better scents to spend my money on.

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