Saturday, May 3, 2014

Temptation (Book Review: Tempting Fate, Jane Green)

Temptation - it ruins lives, doesn't it? That is the theme of Jane Green's latest novel, "Tempting Fate," which id her fifteenth novel. I remember reading most of Ms Green's early output, but for some reason never kept up (although I think they are all in my Kindle)  I don't know why, but I was very surprised to see her do some "mature" work here. Gabby is a happy housewife who has an affair with a younger guy - a one time thing that produces some serious ramifications in her life and marriage. Green tackles all these issues head on - there's a head-strongness in her writing style that puts all the issues smack dab in your face. Gabby is written in the best three dimensional way: she is complicated, human, relateable, infuriating, real. You take turns loving her and wanting to hit her sideways in the head. This makes the book instantly readable, instantly enveloping you. Green throws a lot of wrench in the inevitable HEA to make it still believable. From the first page I was hooked, and felt a pang when I turned the final page.

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