Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Does Joan Know Best?

I love Joan Rivers. I have been a fan of hers for as long as I can remember, and I remember watching her on The Tonight Show when she used to sub for Johnny Carson every Monday. I even followed her when she herself had her own late night talk show on Fox, and somewhere in my boxes I have a VHS tape of her first night hosting that show. However, I never saw the first season of her reality show, "Joan Knows Best" when it premiered early this year (I think I was in the middle of moving) so when Season 2 started last night, I made a point of DVRing it (Wow. I cannot believe I just used DVR as a verb) and i just saw it and I have thoughts about it. Thoughts! First of all I don't think this is a reality show at all, but I would classify it more as a sitcom. Huge parts of it are obviously scripted, and it's well done in that regards. Joan is great as a doting grandmother, and it is a full three dimensional character, and we see all sides of her. On one hand, she is a sweet grandmother, and even takes her grandson's friend under her wings, as he is an aspiring stand up comedian. It is nice to see Joan be a mentor for someone, as it gives her a human side. Yet there is the "annoying" Joan, too. This is a woman who wants to get her 734th plastic surgery (I wonder if that was a joke, but I have read that it wasn't) and I don't think she is coming off as sympathetic because it is obviously a play of addiction for her. The show, as an hour of entertainment, can be a bit much, and I wonder if it wold be more suited for half an hour. Melissa is loathsome - she comes off to me as humorless and condescending. I have pressed the "Season Pass" on my DVR and I still wonder if I would tune in next week. 

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