Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking For A New Love

For the first days of the New Year, I wanted to read something "thematic" so I found "New Year, "New Love," a simple fun-to-read story that is mindless and light.  The story starts when a divorced woman spends New Year's Eve alone much to the horror of her best friend, and her two teenage daughters. So, the daughters concoct a plan to set her up with anyone they could think of so she wouldn't spend the next New Year's Eve alone. Around the same time, a similarly divorced contractor starts working on their basement, and I don't think I need to expound more on the story as you could more or less tell where it is headed.  First of all, what is wrong with spending NYE alone? Some people (i.e. myself!) prefer to be just relaxing instead of going somewhere crowded. Second of all, the author's name is Sherry Lewis and all I could think of was Lamb Chops! The book isn't too bad, though the last quarter of it seemed unnecessary, and most times it couldn't make up its mind if it was a drama or comedy, and the sitcom set up wasn't too utilized. 

2012 - 2

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