Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lyrical Goodbye

After a day that was kind of busy, I wanted to listen to something that would soothe me, so I put on Dominick Farinacci's "Dawn Of Goodbye," expecting a smooth and soothing record featuring trumpet interpretations of the Great American Standards. I had not heard of Mr. Farinacci at all, but someone recommended his record to me, so I checked it out and was glad to discover him. He is young, 28 years old, but plays like an old pro. I am more a jazz vocal person enthusiast so I like instrumentalists who have lyrical takes on how they play. For example, one of my favorite pianists is Bill Charlap, who when he plays the piano sounds like a singer interpreting lyrics. I am not going to lie and say that Mr. Farinacci is on the same level, but he has a good start. One listen to his "I Concentrate On You" and you can tell that he has a lot of respect for Cole Porter's lyrics. And on "Lover Man," you can sense the sensitivity in his arrangements. He got a little too frenetic for me on "It's Alright With Me," and perhaps I need to listen more to his originals ("Dom's Blues") to fully grasp them. Right now it's close to midnight, and his "Willow Weep For Me" is playing, and I close my eyes and am imagining myself in a smoky boite. Another round of scotch on the rocks, please.  

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