Saturday, January 28, 2012

Blu Velvet - 2

I really don't do well with sports movies because I am not a sports fan. I don't follow them, barely understand them, and they don't interest me. I am just not into them, simply put. But I wanted to see Brad Pitt's performance in "Moneyball" since he has been lauded in the role. He is handsome in this movie, and there is still that sparkle in his eyes that will melt your heart. I wish I could say that I loved the movie, but again, I go back to the fact that the subject matter did not really interest me. It took me a while to keep up with the plot, and when I did, I was like, "Meh." And while Jonah Hill was competent, I do not get the high accolades he is getting, and can think of other actors more deserving of his Supporting Actor nomination from the Academy. And I spent a lot of time thinking where I have seen the young actress playing Pitt's daughter here, then I realized she is also Jon hamm's daughter in "Mad Men." That was the extent of my attention span for this movie. 

Joseph Gordon Leavitt is so good in 50/50 that I am sad for him that he wasn't recognized by The Academy. And "50/50" is a different kind of cancer movie, which is more bittersweet than bitter. I think this is because of the sparkly writing, and the great chemistry between Leavitt and Seth Rogan, who plays his best friend in this movie. (If The Academy wanted to give a Supporting nod to a sidekick role, they should have given it to Rogan instead of Jonah Hill)  Still, as "uplifting" as this movie is, it is still kind of depressing - cancer and all. And Anna Kendrick - she seems to be playing the same roles with each of her movies. 

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