Monday, January 9, 2012

Minty Fresh Rose

Since I wrote about Prada Candy last week, I have been in a Prada scent kind of mood. So today, I wore Prada Infusion De Rose, and I remembered how much I love it.  Maybe it's the colder weather that did it, but today the mint was much more pronounced, and combined with the ephemeral rose note here, it created something so uncommon, and just starkly beautiful. It's a rose scent, but it smelled much more modern. The rose part of it stayed much close to the skin, and I found myself sniffing my arms just to get the "jammy" part of the rose scent. However, the mint (and the hint of oolong tea) permeated throughout the day, providing what I can only describe as halo-like. You can feel and sense it's presence, but it never overwhelms, it doesn't call attention to itself, and is quite subtle all in all. That really describes everything in the Prada Infusion series for me, and I love every single one of them. This rose one is limited edition only, and I fear will probably be very elusive to find now, so I will cherish it. I also sense this will be a more winter scent for me, as when I lat wore it in warmer weather, the effect was like a more subdued rosewater mint thing. The honey/beeswax note gets more subdued in the colder temperature. I am a big fan of rose scents - the big bold ones (like YSL Paris) even the screechy ones (Tea Rose) and the sophisticated versions too, of course (Frederic Malle's Lipstick Rose) Infusion De Rose, to me, is the most transparent one, and it will always have a spot in my wardrobe.  

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