Friday, January 13, 2012

The Rose And The Musk

One of my favorite fragrance houses is Maitre Parfumeur de Gantier, because they are so ... French. I think most of their scents are, for lack of a better description, so opulent. I always feel good and regal when I wear them, and I don't know exactly how that means, or if I even make sense. When I wrote about a rose scent a couple of days ago, I realized I hadn't worn Rose Muskissime in a while, so I went and digged it up. I still love it, and I know this scent could be a little bit of a tough sell, because the rose here is framed around musk. It's not a dirty, peppery rose, but more a musky fruity one. I have even seen this scent described as smelling like a dirty sock, and that it is not entirely untrue, but only if you are saying a glass is half-empty. Rose Muskissime is described as a fruity-floral, and it is, but in a good way. No pink pepper here, but some tropical flowers mixed with the rose, which, curiously, really never takes center stage. There are some fruits there, and they share the spotlight, but the musk comes in, and it's a doozy. I am sure there are some oakmoss in there, which makes it earthy. However, the whole thing doesn't really get "dark," like the stewed fruits of Serge Lutens. The musk takes on a powdery direction, and with the fruits and flowers, the drydown has everything still in full bloom, making it sensual, sexy, and sinful... and still very unique.

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