Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Telling Tales

Finally, a jewel from the ruins. I got "Tales From My Hard Drive" free from Amazon  a while back, and the other day I just chose it randomly to read. I wanted something light and mindless. And truth be told, I didn't have high hopes for it because my experience with free Kindle books hasn't been the best. And it did start out kind of  cliche-ish. A woman catches her husband cheating and moves cross country to start a new life. Blah blah, I've seen this before. I was ready to walk the familiar.  Then she gets prodded to do internet dating, a concept that is new to this 40+ year old woman. (Yay for the 40-somethings, by the way) I thought this was going to be just a novel with a cavalcade of internet horror dating scenes - and it is -  but I found it was much more than that. Megan Karasch is an effective writer, first of all. She has funny tales in there, but underneath it all she has a flair for "the sensitive." There are wry observations of life and love that got me thinking, interspersed with situational comedy. You find yourself laughing and then realize there was much more to it, and you find yourself being touched. And the cartoonish chick-lit cover is a too pandering choice for this much more adult story, but I guess they have to try to sell some copies through that. This was an unexpectedly good (and free!) read. 


Book Review: Tales From My Hard Drive, Meg Karasch

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