Friday, February 7, 2014

Charlie Screws (Book Review: The Screwed Up Life Of Charlie The Second, Drew Ferguson)

I've been wanting to read Drew Ferguson's "The Screwed Up Life Of Charlie The Second" for the longest time, and I have had numerous start/stop moments with this book. I couldn't really get into it. I it because I am kind of not liking the character? Is it because of the journal set-up of the narrative? Or maybe I can't just relate anymore to a young adult high-school read? (I don't think it's the last one) Whatever it is, I finally finished the book, and I wish I could say I loved it or hated it. It's just unmemorable to me. I appreciated the narrative, and I liked the growth in Charlie from the beginning of the book till the end. It just wasn't compelling. I didn't rush home to start reading again. As a matter of fact, I finished a book between finishing this one. I felt like I got stuck with it, and although I felt fulfilled when I finally turned the last page, I did not miss any of the characters. So, just meh.

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