Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Boss, Not Diana Ross (Television Review: Looking Episode Three: Looking At Your Browse History)

Finally, "Looking" has hit its stride. The third episode, "Looking At Your Browsing History," is its best one yet: we finally get to glimpse these characters in action: reacting, making decisions, maybe even starting to fall in love. At the beginning of the episode, Patrick goes to a video game launch party inside a battleship, where he meets Kevin, a charming British guy. He flirts with him, unsuccessfully, until he realizes he may or may not be his new boss. (He turns out later to be) and I love this development. It establishes, perhaps, the geekiness and social ineptness of the Patrick character, and Groff plays him to the most adorkable effect. I loved the scene wherein he shows up at Kevin's office, and clueless as he can be, starts touching Kevin's personal effects/decor. It's still just a bit perplexing: this guy has been living in San Francisco for years and still is as naive as that? But never mind, Groff is good enough to make you believe. Russell Tovey, as Kevin, has an amazing presence that you yourself also fall in love with him right away. Or do you? He still may turn out to be an unpleasant character here, as he plays a mean trick on Patrick in this episode, we find out in the end. I loved the twist that he points out Patrick's browser history, by telling him about his clicks in OKCupid and ManHunt (which he lovingly calls "ManCunt") It's all cute, and lovable, and it got me hook, line, and sinker. Meanwhile, Dom, (Murray Bartlett) makes a decision about starting his own restaurant, and towards the end of the episode meets Lynn, played by Scott Bakula. We just know there's going to be something there. Augustine gets fired from his job, and meets a sex worker and even though Alvarez's character still has not resonated with me, that scene was interesting, if only because of T.J. Linnard who plays a bearded escort. All the characters' storylines are being laid out well, and this is the first episode that got me really interested in what would happen next for these characters. It's a shame, I read, that the ratings for the series allegedly are very weak, as I think I am starting to get hooked in the show.

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