Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Wacky Skies (Movie Review: I'm So Excited)

Look at this great colorful poster for Peter Almodovar's movie, "I'm SO Excited," doesn't it look so cool and inviting? The movie starts with the same exact colorful neon graphics, and it's all you can do to get excited. I mean, isn't it so Almodovar? Once the film gets going, though, I felt so deflated. About ten minutes into it, we get the main conflict: the landing gear of the plain is not working because it sucked the chocks upon take off, and now it is circling in Toledo, waiting for a runway so it could do an emergency landing. At first I thought the movie would go the scary/suspense route, but of course Almodovar has other plans. The movie centers around the passengers in Business Class, and their interwoven stories. However, though they were neither funny, nor interesting: just tired old cliched plots that we've seen over and over. I got bored instantly. Well, not totally bored, I guess. Almodovar injects pops of interesting details: there's of course camp fey gay stereotypes in the male flight attendants, and they culminate on a dance number set to the Pointers Sisters song of the same title. Actually there are a lot of gay touches which amount to a whole amount of nothing. It's as if Almodovar himself got tired of his story lines that he just peppered the movie with camp. Not interesting enough for ninety minutes, though.

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