Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cast Them Away (Book Review: The Castaways, Erin Hilderbrand)

It seemed a good idea: reading this book, Elin Hilderbrand's "The Castaways." the book started out great: a couple dies in a boating accident, and three other couples who they are good friends with are severely affected by their loss. I kind of was drawn in by what could have really happened, as well as the repercussions the incident will do to their friendships. But as I discovered more and more about the characters, I found myself disliking them immensely: drug addicts, depressives, liars. It seems like they didn't really value each other's companies. 75% into the book, and we are still getting back stories on one of the characters. At a certain point, I ceased caring about them, and by the time all the knots were tied up, I started rolling my eyes. I also found that the  writing immature and sophomoric, like it needed more editing and guidance. I couldn't wait ti get away from these people, and was kind of relieved when I finally finished the book.

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