Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drenched In Gasoline (Perfume Review: Oud Fleur, Tom Ford)

Oy, Tom got me again. i love to hate on Mr. Ford, mostly because of how expensive his perfumes are, but they are just irresistible. And when I fall in love, it's always for forever. Oud Fleur was released last year, and I was besotted at first sniff. Another oud, you say? Well, Ford did the first really commercial oud anyway, with M7, so he knoweth were he speaketh of. But there have been so many who have come after him that you would think that creativity wise, oud would have reached artistic limit by now. Here, perfumer Yann Vasnier (one of my modern favorites) pairs the medicinal oud with osmanthus, and the result is subtler and richer. There is that slight apricot-y smell from the flower, but it's blended well and doesn't overwhelm. There's also saffron there, and I get rose in the beginning too. I read that there is one other flower in there that I am unfamiliar with: the Indian Davana. I wish I could pinpoint which of the notes it is, but I cant. The drydown is where this perfume really gtes me: it's brazenly unique. It's dark and dirty, anemalic and leathery, like you were in some leather queen's fragrant dungeon. I get a lot of castoreum, which gives this a kind of "gasoline" feel.  What I like about this fragrance is that it makes me think: it literally changes by the minute. You think it's the florals you are smelling, but then you smell again, and say, no isn't that petrol? In any event, this perfume just shot up to the top of my "want" list. It's too late for Santa Claus, so I will just ask the Easter Bunny. So Bunny, can you hear me?

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