Monday, February 10, 2014

After The Fair (Television Review: Looking Episode 4: Looking For $220/Hr)

Halfway through the series, and things are kind of making sense to me. Well, some things anyway. At least, I have now my take on Patrick. Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe he is not naive at all.  I think Augustine nails it: Patrick has some intimacy issues. I think he has lived his life cautiously: every decision weighed and dissected, every move calculated. Of course, human emotion cannot and does not work that way. We mature by taking risks, we grow by making decisions based on our feelings. We never truly live until we follow our hearts. Of course, most of the time, it's the wrong decision. But you will never wonder why - that's just the beauty of it. By the end of the episode, Patrick makes a decision. For better or worse, it will not make him stronger and wiser, just safe, and when it comes to emotions, safe is shit.  I think there lies the brilliance of the series: it's subtle, and it's real. that said, I think we see Groff's brilliance as an actor because he has great chemistry with both Tovey and Castillo. Elsewhere, Dom and Lynn have lunch, and Bakula is great in subtle acting, too. That scene when he realizes that it wasn't a lunch date rang true and honest that you cringe. I am still very confused with Augustine. I am confused by his project, by his intentions, by his motivations. I thought it was great to have the Folsom Street Fair as the backdrop for this episode, as it shows an integral part of San Francisco gay life. I am loving this show by the episode, and really hope HBO gives it a chance.

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