Friday, February 7, 2014

Sweet Comic Valentine (Perfume Review: By Killian Love)

If a perfume has the word "Love" in it, I am initially drawn. I love that word, it's so romantic, it's vulnerable, but at the  same time it is also cloying, and a bit of a cliche. Since Valentine's day is coming up, I have been thinking about perfumes that signify the word "love," o of course I had to write about By Killian Love (Don't Be Shy)

By Killian is a house I both love and hate. They do perfumes I love : loud, attention-calling, luxurious. But at the same time, they are not terribly original creations, and because they are so prohibitiously priced, I think of "similar" alternatives with lower price points. But, really, if I weren't such a perfume whore, and could just one that would be my signature scent, I know I would choose a By Killian scent. 

Calice Becker's "Love" is a sweet fragrant. It's not just sweet, it's death by sweet.  The perfume is based on the marshmallow, but this is not the kind that you get at the supermarket, but rather the nice fluffy ones you see at French patisseries. It's gourmand of the most gourmand scents - the vanilla is there, a nice rich syrupy one. There is a just as rich bulgarian rose, and in my skin the jasmine is amplified. Then the sweetness swirls and swirls  around - I smell a little bit of molasses, caramel, powdered sugar, macaroons. Everything turns sweet on my skin, so you can imagine how this projected on mine. I think I needed an insulin shot after the first half an hour of its development. 

But I am craving it. I want this. For the perfect Valentine-less like me, it satisfies on all levels: the perfume gift, the flowers, the sweets. It's a midnight kiss on a winter night. When I wake up in the morning, it could all be a great big mistake, but damn if I don't enjoy it while going down. Cupid, bring a bottle to me!

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