Monday, February 24, 2014

Slumming In Dolores Park (Television Review: Looking Episode 6: Looking In The Mirror)

Commitments, Aging, Labels: these are just some of the issues this week's episode of Looking touches on. And I am still pleasantly surprised at how and where this show is going. It's making me think, it's challenging me, it's making me ask questions, it's making me "look in the mirror," as the title suggests. Let's start with Patrick. We see him at the start of the episode casually saying the word "boyfriend" to describe Richie. At once, Richie is taken aback, but then the next morning, they kind of have a talk, and yes, Richie is fine with the "label," and even buys him a scapular to commemorate the event. i won't lie, I kind of tore up at that scene - there's a purity and simplicity and the beauty to seeing two people express love for each other. But then Patrick kinds of screws up a couple of times, most notably when hey see their boss in the park with his boyfriend, and suddenly, I get a creepy feeling, like having my stomach punched. My gut instinct may be right: Patrick is settling, he really is secretly in love with the boss, and Richie may be good enough until the real thing comes along. I am glad that Richie calls him out on it later on. Patrick sees what we are all seeing. But as I think about it more, maybe he can;t help how he feels, maybe this really will make him realize, maybe he can still grow, and perhaps he can come down from his ivory tower so he can experience love. I just feel it in my gut that Richie's heart will be broken, and I will cry again. Elsewhere, Lyn introduces Don to some friends who are potentially investors for his peri peri chicken, but it doesn't pan out. Lyn makes a decision to just help fund the restaurant alone, and Dom - overwhelmed, grateful? - attempts to kiss him. A mistake, but it gives a great set up to the story line. And I am still totally bored with Augustin's story, and I have read everywhere of viewers call him an ass because of his call out to Patrick at the park. He's telling the truth, though. Two episodes to go and I am already experiencing separation anxiety.

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