Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gay And Young (Movie Review: G.B.F)

I am in a major quandary.  One one end, I really despised the movie "G.B.F." because it is such a stupid, mindless, dumb film.  Directed by Darren Stein from a screenplay by George Nothy, it is one of those teen comedies, I guess along the lines of  a John Hughes 80s  classic. Yet, for me, it fails on a lot of levels - most of the characters are one-dimensional,  and the jokes are shallow laughs. The film was photographed with cotton candy colors, so it looks cute, but got tiresome after a while. I was ready to diss it, and not even think about it anymore. Until i realized that the film is also a great social commentary for today's times: how being gay is looked upon as normal, even revered as awesome in some circles.  As I think about it, it is kind of a less raunchy "American Pie," and really it isn't exclusively a gay movie. I am sure gay teens - gay and straight - can and do get a lot of entertainment mileage from the film. So who am I to get pissy? There's even one character, played by Sasha Pieterse (she's kind of good, actually) that has depth, and the adult characetrs played by Megan Mullaly and Jonathan Silverman are funny enough since these two actors know how to mine comedic gold even from invisible things. This is a fizzy kool aid drink made not for me, so what i think doesn't really matter. If you like this kind of thing, go and enjoy!

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