Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whitey (Perfume Review: Lumiere Blanche, Olfactive Studio)

Look at the photograph above by photographer Massimo Vitale.  It is taken at a Sicilian beach, perhaps on a summer day? The white sand blends perfectly with the sky, and as I look at it more, I sense freshness, I sense a certain kind o fpurity, perhaps some innocence? But what does it convey as a sense of smell? Olfactive Studios is a niche line that pairs artistic pieces with their scents, and they pair this piece of work with Lumiere Blanche.  I admit I rolled my eyes at this idea. I think it's just a little bit too pretentious, but I will play along, why not. Lumiere Blanche has been described as a scent as "milky," and that is the main I reason why i wanted to sniff it. You see, I despise that smell of milk, and I recently figured out that there is this note - a wet tonka bean smell - that churns my stomach, and I smell it on some tonka bean creations. The first thing I thought was, oh I finally found a note that i am not attracted to. I used to be cumin and civet phobic, but now I cherish and seek those notes.But going back to Lumiere Blanche, I am happy to say that I don't get the milk and cookie note that some people get here. I do get a lot of cardamom, and some mild spice - star anise? cinammon? - that give it a little bit of weight. Oh, and there's a bit of almond here, too. I get the woodsy pencil shaving note that appears, and it's good, but when the musk comes in, it feels a spoil. (Plus, the white musk makes it smell generic)  The whole impression is indeed, "white," and clean. It's kind of a comforting scent, but here's the thing: I find it too weak, too timid. I like perfumes that make impressions, that announce their welcome. Lumiere Blanche is subtle, but in this case, just a bit too subtle. It's been about six hours since I put this on, and while I still smell some of it, it's a close-to-the-skin scent. I kind of have to strain to get something, and that makes me sad. But then again, maybe that's what that picture means to some people. 

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