Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ignore This Love (Book Review: First Love, James Patterson and Emily Raymond)

Doesn't James Patterson write mysteries, or he is just known for them? Anyway, he wrote "First Love" with Emily Raymond. (But look at the typeface of both their names, and you can see who is marketed more) Maybe that's why this book is kind of a mess: it's muddled, unfocused and kind of dumb. Yes, I know it is about teenagers, and they may be the target market, but I thought the book felt dumbed-down. And I wish the characters were more likeable. Halfway through the book, I stopped caring about the characters even if the authors manipulate you into liking them. I cannot help but think that the book is a poor copy of John Green's "The Fault In Our Stars," so if you haven't read that yet, go grab that book instead because this one more or less tread the same road, and Green's book is infinitely better.

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