Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Green Ginger (music Review, Ginger Bess, Give me the Simple Life)

Another day, another jazzette. This time is someone called Ginger Bess, and minor sleuthing on the internet shows that she is from Utah. Didn't I just write about a Utah jazzette? They are all a blur sometimes. Anyway, her version of "I'll Be Seeing You" popped up randomly on my iPod and I was stopped by it, thinking" she isn't bad." So I went and listened to her full album. Honestly, i wasn't as impressed as at first listen, but it wasn't a burden. She is clear-voiced, and i read that she is a mezzo soprano. She is certainly singing from the lower part of her register if that is the case. Her singing is a little more mannered than I normally like, but on some songs she is more relaxed.  As I previously mentioned, her "I'll Be Seeing You" still holds up after repeated playings.  And I liked that she mixes it up with her song selections: there's a great "Arthur's Theme" here, the Billy Joel "Honesty,"  and the Mumford & Son's "Not In Nottingham." (Though her version of the latter is a bit uncomfortable to listen to)  Being an actress, she knows how to insert some drama into the songs, but at times you can still see how green she is. She will only get better. 

You can download her album here in one of those name-your-price options.


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