Sunday, May 18, 2014

There's Always A Rainbow (Book Review: Chasing Rainbows, Kathleen Long)

Since I have such a huge TBR pile, I made a little experiment of picking the oldest unread book on my Kindle. It's Kathleen Long's "Chasing Rainbows," and if I am not mistaken this was a freebie from Amazon. I don't know why I have passed this novel by, and it goes to show how I probably have a lot of hidden gems hiding on my reader. This is a great book: simple, heartfelt, and touching. Bernadette is down in the dumps when the story begins: her father just passed away, her husband dumped her for a pregnant mistress, and she quits her job because of an abusive boss. But the book isn't really a downer. While Bernadette can be a bit of a pessimist, you root for her because you see that she has a kind heart. She goes on a journey and is triumphant in the end. It's a feel good novel that made me miss the characters the second I finished reading the last chapter.

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