Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rocky Read (Book Review: On The Rocks, Erin Duffy)

I'll get it out of the way. I was disappointed with Erin Duffy's new novel, "On The Rocks." I think it is because I liked her novel "Bond Girl" so much that I was so excited to read this new novel, and it was just...meh. It is the story of Abby, who gut dumped on Facebook while she was trying on her wedding dress. Nice premise, but it just moved so slowly after, and most of the characters in the novel were unlikeable that it was tough for me to engage. Plus, maybe the whole dumped-and-dating scenario no longer appeals to me, and not to mention that most of the characters were acting juvenile. (Or am I just getting old) I may have felt better if I was reading this at a beach somewhere. But I am nowhere near a body of water, and I felt the novel was tedious and a chore to get through.

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