Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green (Film Review: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green)

I don't know why I ended up spending Sunday morning watching a Disney film, considering my dislike of them, but there I was, immersed in "The Odd Life Of Timothy Green." It has been highly recommended by a friend whose taste I really jive with, and the Blu-Ray just came out, so there was Netflix to the rescue. It tells a story of a husband and wife wanting a child. After a drunken night, they got one (Okay - pun intended) The only thing, though: it came from their garden. And the kid has leaves growing from his feet. (no feet fetish jokes, please) And just like most films of this ilk, the child teaches everyone a lesson. It's your pretty standard children's film, sweet and wholesome and inoffensive. I can't really say I loved it, and I thought it would be a tearjerker, but it didn't really get me, so to speak. It has a very competent performance from CJ Adams, who plays Timothy. I still can't get past Jennifer Garner, though, and here she plays her role as if she was still stuck in a rom-com. All in all, though, it really is a good children's movie, with a fairly interesting story to tell. If I had a child, I would rather he watch this than a violent superhero movie, for example. But then, I don't have one, so my opinion is moot.

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