Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ain't Got Nothing To Be Guilty Of (Film Review: The Guilt Trip)

I was kind of dreading seeing "The Guilt Trip," and it's not what you think. You see, I had been looking forward to this. It's Barbra's first starring role  since like, forever - her Fockers movies are none-existent to me. But then I started hearing not-so-good things about it, and the reviews have been decidedly mixed. So, I was afraid i would be disappointed with it. As I was entering the cinemas today, my expectations were lowered, and perhaps because of that (though I doubt it) I found the movie to be thoroughly entertaining, even touching. Barbra is in fine form: I have always felt that she is great in comedic roles, and here she shines. She is natural, fearless, and very very funny. (She ain't the original Funny Girl for nothing) And I was surprised to find myself laughing several times throughout the movie (as well as the frankly geriatric and lesbian-heavy crowd I saw it with) I get so jaded with comedy films sometimes that it sometimes quite tough to get me to laugh. I had also feared that the movie would have an Apatow-vibe to it: mainly low and crass humour. But, maybe because Barbra is part-producer, the humour never panders, it is never not classy. I even liked Seth Rogan here, an actor I have never found appealing. And as I mentioned earlier, there is a sweet surprise in the ending that will make you all verklempt. So, really, what's not to like? Okay, so the film gets a bit sluggish in the middle, and the story is really mindless fun. But, anyone coming in probably won't be expecting anything thought-provoking. So, go see it. It's the Holidays - take your mothers! It's just the right thing to do.

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